Taking the guesswork out of care

Supporting loved ones to live in their own home can sometimes bring stress and worry, from unnoticed health changes to balancing care with life’s demands.

That’s where we come in. 

We’re developing a service to provide peace of mind, allowing families to focus on what matters and loved ones the freedom to retain their independence at home for longer. 

With us, care becomes less about worry and more about cherishing the time spent together.

Remote monitoring to provide peace of mind

We are developing a person-centred service that provides carers with insights on the health and wellbeing of their loved ones living in their own home.

Our initial focus is to build a community of people living with dementia, to really understand the problems and needs of people wishing to remain independent in their own home, and their care network.

Peace of mind

Our system works in the background and provides early insights focussed on maximising health and wellbeing


Simple to install, easy to operate and not reliant on wearables


Allows individuals to define and empower their support network to provide joined-up care

Get early access to our service

We are at the start of our journey. Building our community of people with lived experience is fundamental to ensuring we solve problems that matter. 

Join our community of individuals with dementia, caregivers, experts, and supporters, and lend your insights to help develop technology that will truly enable families to cherish the time they spend together.